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Top Effective Ways to Create Highly Converting Google Search Ads

Top Effective Ways to Create Highly Converting Google Search Ads

Looking to run PPC (Pay-per-Click) ads for your business is seemingly a great idea. We know the ads work on real money and can prove costly if you don’t optimize your ads consistently before the start or during the set campaigns.

Here, you will see how you can help yourself to optimize your own ads on Google Ads to increase your inbound traffic to lead them to conversions.

Selecting Keywords: A strategy

First things first, your choice of keywords determine the success of your campaigns because Google Ads campaigns fundamentally work on keywords suggesting boost to your niche or targeted platforms.

Selecting targeted keywords help you reach your interested audience offering them a great deal of information and skying the chances of better conversions.

For example, the keyword “Top 5 sunglasses” probably convert more that users searching for just “sunglass”. Formulating or selecting your targeted keywords helps you gain control over your strategy implementation and understanding your audience behaviour towards your ads.

Keyword Matching Options

Keyword matching options controls your keywords placement strategy with the user’s search query in your display ads.

  • Broad match: In this category of ad search, your ads will be shown for searches having phrases similar to your keywords, their synonyms or related searches. This shows up if no other match type is specified ending up getting served to irrelevant users.
  • Modified broad Search: Here, ads will be displayed on searches containing the keyword or close variations but not on the synonyms. This can avoid generic users by sensing a great control over your ad impressions.
  • Phrase match: Ads will be shown for phrase match as the keyword or relatively a closer variation of the phrase. It is good options that allows your target users to check your ads on a first glace.
  • Exact Match: Exact matched keywords minimize the chances of getting ad impressions on potential customers.

Not using similar phrases or unrelated phrases don’t let Google fairly display your ads.

Use Keywords related to your Niche or Brand

Running ads for your brand name quickly matches up with business across multiple industries thus having multiple benefits:

  • With your brand name on the search engine equally fitted with targeted keywords, you can establish authority over the search engine result pages with profound influence on your audience.
  • With your brand name, you can go directly into your users’ head directing them to specific landing pages for highest conversions through different organic links mentioning great deals and offer at the right place.
  • Using your brand name as keyword will possibly create better chances of conversions when you have a business rapport.

Just having your ad on top of a results page when users are searching for your competitors can give a boost to your brand awareness.

Ad copy optimization

Ad copy optimization entices users to reach you at ease. To be a stand-out ad campaigner amongst hundreds of ads from your competitors, ad copy optimization is much required.

Benefit-driven Ad making

 Searches by users show their intent and the reasons they are looking for you. Your ads must deliver them the solutions. Setting up your campaigns by anticipating their requirements offers them solutions that shares benefits.

Your ads USPs must differentiate your services from your competitors highlighting your unique propositions and must talk about fulfilling the user goals.

Utilize Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are additional links that can accompany your ads that appended at the end of an ad—below the ad description.

Ad extensions include links such as “Download App,” “Call Us,” “Get Directions,” and more. You can also feature reviews and ratings for your services in your ads. Ad extensions create more reasons to click your ad.

Have a compelling CTA

CTA or Call-to-Action is an important element of an ad. CTA nudges the users to make a click and proceed towards conversions.

“Sign-up”,” Buy now”, “Book Now” or “Get a Quote” perhaps are the compelling and clickable CTAs all around prompting users to take action to conversions.

Using Persuasive Strategies

Digital marketing campaigners employ certain psychological tactics to persuade users to click on their ads by creating urgency, dearth of resources, authority and social proofs.

 For example, “Last 5 days of Sale”, “50% off of all services”, Order now to avail discount” or setting up countdown timers to persuade customers to a great extent.

Landing Page Consistency with Ads

By making your landing page experience coherent for your users with consistent ads helps you to keep your customers move away seeing your ads. It leads to potential conversions and enhances ad traffic rate.

A perfectly user aligned landing page helps maintaining the trust of users for every reason they want to achieve from you brand. Your landing page experience depends on various factors such as:

  • Ease of navigation

  • Presence of strong CTA

  • Comprehensiveness of the information on the landing page

  • Presence of testimonials, success stories, user ratings etc.

Tracking the Quality Score

Google Ads provides quality score for each keyword you use over search engine for promoting your services or brand. Having high quality score for your keywords determines the relevancy and usefulness of your ad for users.

High quality score for your keywords makes it easier for your ads to be eligible for ad auction with probability of lower CPC (Cost-per-Click). Ads with high quality score can show up at a higher position on a page.


Testing your ad campaign is a wise option and constantly optimizing them for which variation they work favours your business conversions in a great extent. Your optimization strategy for running Google ads is a much-needed affair to grow your business and set a clear customer retention strategy in your niche.

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